A List of Random Stats from The Lily Garden!

We’re talkin’ numbers today, folks! This post is about a few random stats from this humble blog and is sort of a top 5 list!

However, you really should be skeptical of all the nonsense you’re about to read because I totally bombed Statistics at USC. That’s what’ll happen if you get hopelessly depressed and ditch all your classes and skip all your tests, including the final. I did that a lot. I envy people who say college is fun since that was never really the case for me.

Anyways, this suggestion came from Shokamoka, a beloved blogger who moonlights as a impish troll. His lovely blog covers tons of things, such as seiyuu antics, music appreciation, in-depth consideration on certain anime series (he slants heavily towards CGDCT and has a soft spot for Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata), and detailed thoughts on specific anime topics! Unfortunately he likes to pretend he’s busy after he moved to Thailand so he’s not posting as often as he used to, but you should definitely check out his content!

Alright, here we go!

Top 5 Posts for All-Time

2018-01-27 (3).png

It wouldn’t be much of a list if I just put in pics and called it a day, right? So here are my reactions to the results. Thanks for pointing this particular part out, Shoka. And thanks for making this post a bigger pain for everyone to read. That includes myself, too. So universal!

Oh, and I’m ignoring pages like Home page / Archives, Visual Novel Reviews, and Anime Series Reviews. That’s sort of like cheating, in my opinion.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 6 – “Home Visit! (And Homes Not Visited)

Well, this is actually amazing to me considering how I published this post almost a year ago. I’m really proud of this one since I personally feel like I managed to balance summarization with focused discourse (I often ended up sounding like an overly detailed episode summary on a wiki with an excessive amount of pictures in my episode reviews). I’m also embarrassed that the word “review” is nowhere to be found in the title. I sometimes forgot to include that in my episode reviews, too. But, uh, recently this particular post has made a resurgence and I’m not quite sure why. More on that in a later section. My numbers without this specific episode review look absolutely pitiful.

A Secret Relationship in Princess Principal (up-to-date with episode 11)

Some people like spoilers and attention to detail. And when a post combines that with a popular seasonal anime (admittedly some of its popularity was clipped due to Anime Strike, unfortunately), magic happens. I’ve gotta say that I’ve wondered if I should update the title one last time since it almost makes it seem like I stopped watching the series after episode 11. However, the relevant information for the post’s content actually stopped after episode 11, which is what I meant to convey. Hopefully I didn’t confuse anyone…

The Shadows of Pygmalion – Visual Novel Review

I tried my best to rush through this visual novel because I wanted to put myself out there before everyone else and because it was amazing. And to my credit, I sort of accomplished the former. The game came out on Steam on February 24th, 2017 (I actually bought my copy off MangaGamer which was sort of a terrible idea since that made both downloading the game and taking screenshots to be an absolute nightmare, but I digress) and this post came out on March 5th, 2017. I remember crying after finishing Shadows of Pygmalion, typing up the review, and then submitting it within a few hours.

However, I also started crying a few days afterwards, too, since someone pointed out in the comments section that I made so many mistakes due to rushing. I kept most of them in-tact in the post itself, but it was really embarrassing.

Please, if you play visual novels at all, get Shadows of Pygmalion. It’s one of my favorite visual novels of all time, to be honest.

Nurse Love Addiction – Visual Novel Review

Another one of my favorite visual novels. Long before I was a blogger, I remember watching a demo of White Robe Love Addiction (Nurse Love Addiction is a spin-off with totally different characters) so I was just in total disbelief when an English release of NLA was announced.

I loved the game. I loved it so much that I spent days on the review. I even wrote a Steam guide for the routes. I still have some of the OST on my phone and I still remember driving home from work, back when I was employed, and hearing the songs play and feeling like I was in a dream. I had so desperately wanted to play White Robe Love Addiction and that desire remains unfulfilled. But this wonderful game that takes place in the same came out and it was absolutely wonderful.

Oomuroke – The Greatest Yuri Mystery Ever?

First of all, I have to apologize for the clickbait title. But I’ve never come across a mystery like this before. A college student is dating one of her friends but none of the other characters know? And the readers are similarly left in the dark? And all of this is happening in a slice-of-life series? That’s fantastic!

I’ve seen redditors on /r/yuruyuri share this post which makes me feel honoured. Chapters have come out since then which renders this post a bit out-of-date, unfortunately. But I’m glad that I wrote this since I was able to showcase that I can pay attention to details. Sometimes, at least.

Honorary mentionSin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode 1 Review – “The Proud Fallen Angel”

Look, this one may come across as a rant. And honestly, it sort of is. I’m totally astounded that this one episode review received so many clicks. Maybe ANGRemY is in high demand?

But this particular episode review also marked a turning point in my blogging career. It’s when I realized that it’s okay for me to drop a yuri series. Just because it’s yuri doesn’t mean I have to follow it! I’m still struggling with that, to be honest, since I’m hating Citrus but feel obligated to watch it, but yeah.

Top 5 Posts for January 2018

2018-01-27 (5).png

I’ve gotta talk about my top 5 posts for this month, right? It’s my best month ever at 8,300 views!! It’s probably going to be even higher when this post comes out since I’m typing all of this up on 1/27/2018! Wow, is Remy planning ahead?! Well, sometimes miracles happen.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 6 – “Home Visit! (And Homes Not Visited)

Aaaaand it’s this post again. There’s been some sort of revival for this particular post lately, it seems, since the view count for the post seems to have tripled (since the all-time view count for the post is ~1900 and ~1200 people have viewed it this month, so that means ~700 people saw it in 2017).

It’s solely because of this post that the stats for this month looks so good, by the way. Otherwise it’ll be ~7k, which was where I was in November and December.

2018-01-27 (6).png

Religious/Spiritual Undertones in Houseki no Kuni

Seasonal Prattle was nice enough to share this one (thank ye kindly), and I’ve recently found out that people on tumblr and reddit have been sharing it. I’m so flattered! I’m just painfully aware that this isn’t really my best writing and that one of the commentors make me look really shabby in comparison, haha. I’m proud of how I manually threw in spoiler tags by changing the colour of the font, though!

A Secret Relationship in Princess Principal (up-to-date with episode 11)

I wish I could say I wasn’t surprised, but I sort of am. Thank you all for revisiting this post even though I haven’t updated it in so long (since there doesn’t seem to be any new content).

500 Followers, a Call for Collabs, and an Announcement!

Here’s a post that I actually posted in January 2018 (which means it doesn’t “cheat” by gaining traction beforehand). And to be honest, 130 views for a post that was posted in the same month is obscene.

I still have the one I mentioned in the post lying around for various reasons. I’m still working out the details on another one. Aaaaand someone has finished half of a post and is now waiting on me, eek! But I’m really sorry I haven’t gotten around to contacting you all about collabs after you all graciously volunteered. Things got really hectic around then and now it’s getting harder and harder to message you all as more and more time passes. Worry not, though: I still have all of your names in my notepad because I’m too lazy to install and learn how to use LibreOffice. I’ll reach out to you all when things settle down, okay? Thank you all for being the best!

Houseki no Kuni – Anime Series Review

This was a popular seasonal anime from Fall 2017, which was just last season, so it makes sense why this received that many views in January. With that being said, I didn’t do a great job on this one – it’s clear to see that I was enamored with the show and was a bit too lenient on it.

I also found out that I had accidentally hyperlinked this Houseki no Kuni review to my review Girls’ Last Tour on my Anime Series Reviews page. I wonder if that affected the view count since that would mean people would have to go out of their way to read this review, haha…

Top 5 Posts by Comment Count

2018-01-27 (7).png

Is it “comment count” or “comments count”? Help a Remy out.

500 Followers, a Call for Collabs, and an Announcement!

This is not surprising in the slightest. You’re all too kind.

A Discussion on Blogger Decorum (Part 1)

I’m actually so glad that my collaboration with Irina turned out to be a hit. And surprised. My views have changed slightly since then, but I’m still happy I hammered this out with her. You should really go and check out her part, by the way!

Should Dessert Go First or Last When You’re Watching Anime?

I appreciate the tone I was going for and the topic I covered, but the actual writing is questionable. I mean, the metaphor falls apart like a stick of Extra gum after a minute of chewing. I’m really happy everyone was eager to tell me their viewing habits, though. More delicious information for me to add to my catalogs and data files.

No Anime Series is Perfect and That’s Okay!

I wrote this after sharing a very special evening with a cosplayer. I was convinced it was love and that we were meant to be, but it was just infatuation and lust.

This is probably one of my favorite posts because I sound positive and hopeful for once (the real Remy is not channeled well through blog posts since he’s snarky, mopey, and robotic – good luck figuring how that particular combo works out), but it also contains so many memes that I feel a little bad reading it.

Another Sudden Announcement

I announced that I’m unemployed and that I’m open to doing collaboration posts with others in this post. Not at all surprising that so many people commented on this. Thank you for your kind wishes, by the way, but I might have to resort to selling my body to earn money at this rate since I’m still without a job.

Top 5 Countries for All-Time

2018-01-27 (9).png

This is only in terms of view count for The Lily Garden, alright? Please don’t get angry at me.

I have very little to say here other than the fact that it makes total sense for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to be in the lead given that these three countries primarily use English to communicate.

Top 5 Referrers for All-Time

2018-01-27 (11)

Now we’re venturing into some tricky stuff. Do these statistics even make any sense? I sure don’t think so.

Search Engines

2018-01-27 (13).png

This is not surprising in the slightest. The fact that Google makes up 30,000 out of 32,000 referrals that are associated with Search Engines is even less so.

I could have shared a pic of what’s underneath “Google,” but it’s just a long, long list of different Google urls, like google.co.uk or google.com.ph or even google.com…

WordPress.com Reader

Eh? What’s the difference between this and WordPress Dashboard?


Whoa, how surprising! Apparently people actually click on the posts that are shared in tweets…


I don’t even have a FaceBook page for The Lily Garden so this is all coming from other people. Thank you all.

The next couple of referrers don’t really count, I guess. remyfool.wordpress.com is due to my domain name change and I see no difference between WordPress Dashboard and the WordPress.com Reader. This leaves us with…


I don’t share my content on reddit, so this is from others generously sharing what I’ve written. Thank you, kind redditors.

Top 5 Search Terms for All-Time

2018-01-27 (16).png

All of the saucy and interesting search terms are buried, unfortunately.


I’m a household name now? Hooray.

long url

This particular episode review sure comes up often. But people are looking up the url of that specific post?

kakegurui yuri

Please save me.

sakura quest yuri

There’s so little yuri in this anime series, unfortunately. I’m sorry I didn’t focus on the little shipping moments that popped up every now and then more.

hinako note

I’m in despair.


Top 5 Clicks for All-Time

2018-01-27 (17).png

Hmmm. Seems like I need to link and share more fellow bloggers’ content.


Like I said earlier, this is due to the domain name change.

WordPress.com Media

Folks are clicking on my images to make them larger, it seems.


Ohhh! Guess some people find Auri’s website through The Lily Garden, which is both surprising and wonderful. It seems like it’s mostly due to our collaboration posts!


This link was included in my review for Blackberry Honey because I wanted to help more people access the adult patch.

Embarrassingly enough, I played through and published my review of the entire visual novel without said patch. I had to be told of my careless mistake before I even noticed.


It’s mostly due to the aforementioned Houseki no Kuni post.






28 thoughts on “A List of Random Stats from The Lily Garden!

  1. Since Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid pops up, I’ve got a query. What aspects made it worth watching? I started, and never finished.

    As for stats go, don’t fear the humble brag- I think audience engagement and reader happiness counts more than number of views. In that department, you’re doing fantastic 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah. For the positives, I think the series is sincere and earnestly portrays many aspects of love, from romantic to familial. It’s “comfy” at times and its comedy, while hit or miss, is a real hit when it does land.

      Ohh, that’s a relief. Thank you!


  2. Stats to, honestly, be very proud of Remy. It was a very fun post, and it also looks at things that I didn’t even know you could look at 🙈🙈 Ughh…I’m such a noob when it comes to technical stuff…wait did I just say that out loud? Erm…yeah…I guess I did 😂😂
    Anyways! Great post 😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I’m glad I could help you learn something! Yeah, I’m not so good at finding out where all the stats were so it was a journey for me, too. Us technically challenged people can do it if we try!

      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Very nice summary. It’s like going on an exclusive all-access tour of The Lily Garden.

    News about Dragon’s Maid might be due to the new OVA that was released, but that is an oddly specific episode that keeps getting hits on your blog.

    Also 90% of the blog posts I do end up reading is because I clicked on it from Twitter, so I can see how that is a popular means of access.

    Keep up the amazing work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel sheepish sharing all this information since it sort of seems like humble bragging.

      Ahh that might be it. A better guess than I would have come up with.

      Twitter is a powerful thing, I see.

      Thanks, Kimmie.


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