Monthly Update #14 | December 2017 – “Best Girl in Aqours” Series, 12 Days of Aniblogging, Fall 2017 Anime Series Reviews

2017 is almost over. It’s been a long, long year and I’m happy it’s over. Not that a new year brings a new life, but I want to pretend it does.

Sorry that this monthly update is coming out a week late. It’s been a hectic few days.

Top 5 Posts in November

2017-12-07 (1).png

Blackberry Honey – Visual Novel Review: I have to show some love to visual novels, after all. I’m very flattered that ebi-hime and Sekai Project retweeted my tweet!

Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon Episode 6 Review: I’m still not sure why so many people visited this particular episodic review on a particular day. 200+ views just happened out of nowhere?? I also totally forgot to include the word review in the title of the actual post and I feel like it’s much too late to correct my mistake.

A Secret Relationship in Princess Principal: There’s not much else I can really say. The series was a banger and people just can’t wait to read about it months after its finish!

Sakura Halloween – Visual Novel Review: Errr, Halloween is over, folks. But I guess some people were just too curious about this free and racy visual novel.

A Discussion on Blogger Decorum (Part 1): I’m actually super impressed this made it (I wouldn’t really count the Home Page / Episode pages) since it went up on 11/28 (or 29/11 if you actually live in a place that follows logic). Collaborating with Irina was a pleasure as always. Don’t forget to check out part 2 on her blog over here!

“Best Girl in Aqours” Series

Don’t worry, I’m writing one for each girl in Aqours. In other words, I’m being the typical Millennial parent and I’m trying to be as inclusive as possible.

I wrote one for Yoshiko recently and hopefully I’ll publish one for Mari in due time. I’m aiming to have the series finished by the end of December!

12 Days of Aniblogging

It’s that time of year again. Except this time I’m actually participating! I’m sort of stumped right now, but at least I have 9 posts all set and ready to go. Just need 3 more and then I’m done…

Fall 2017 Anime Series Reviews

You know the drill. Hopefully I’ll get them out by the end of December.

Miscellaneous News

I guess the cat’s out of the bag and some people know I do some singing for fun. If I actually sing well for once, I’ll probably post about it.

I wish I could find time to write fanfiction, watch/review older anime series, play/review more visual novels, and read/review manga series. But I’ve been saying that since 2017 started. I’m sure you’re all sick of that by now.

That’s all, folks!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Update #14 | December 2017 – “Best Girl in Aqours” Series, 12 Days of Aniblogging, Fall 2017 Anime Series Reviews

  1. It’s okay Remy my man. Even my Eromanga-sensei finale episode gets random view spike, too.

    Still waiting on You best girl post lol

    I don’t want to also create a BL fandom here on WordPress but I would love to sing with yaw~

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