A Status Update

So, as mentioned in this month’s update post, I was planning on doing an weekly schedule.

Here’s a pic of the current schedule mentioned in the post for your convenience.

But I think I need to revise it.

I’m worried that I won’t have enough to play through and review a visual novel every (other) week. Delivering a mediocre product is the stuff of nightmares for me, so I might make it a monthly thing instead.

I also think I’m not really enjoying writing these episode reviews. It’s so much investment for relatively little pay-off. Maybe I need to be more concise and make sure to make these posts more focused. Or I might stop after this week (the whimsical 3 episode rule strikes again) or I might just scrap ’em altogether without even touching week 3. I guess we’ll find out by Wednesday (but I’m leaning towards the last option right now).

I feel bad for pulling out, but I think my content would be low(er) quality otherwise and I can’t stand that.

Tentative Schedule:

Monday – Top 5 List

Tuesday – Anime Series Review (might be every other week) [Nothing Scheduled; might come up with something every so often]

Wednesday Visual Novel Review (might be every other week) General Anime Editorial

ThursdayComic Girls Episode Review  [Nothing Scheduled; might come up with something every so often]

Friday Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Episode Review Yuri Anime Editorial [no promises]

Saturday Amanchu! Advance Episode Review Seasonal Anime Editorial

Sunday – [The Lily Podcast post at least every other week]


  • New and revised weekly schedule
  • At least 1 visual novel review every month; currently playing through Seven Days with the Ghost
  • Anime series reviews whenever applicable (if I do decide to continue doing those)
  • Aiming to write more editorials but will have to hope my fickle work ethic and sense of creativity cooperate

That’s all, folks.

13 thoughts on “A Status Update

  1. Thanks for the insight into your planning process. I am still trying to imagine what a working posting schedule looks like on my blog but it helps to see another take. Thanks for the update and the Yuri updates would radical. It’s nice to see a little diversity in my reader feed 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, you’re welcome! Maybe I should do a bit more of that sort of content.

      Yeah, that’ll take some time to sort out. Hope you can come up with a posting schedule that works for you!

      I’ll try my best!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. No problem with reevaluating what you have time to do, or what you’re personally getting out of your content. I do the same thing pretty much weekly and most of the time end up with nothing, so the fact that you’re trying to stick to a semi-regular schedule is great imo.

    Looking forward to the planned content, and I’m hoping to catch up on the Lily Podcast soon.

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    1. Hearing that you also re-evaluate things on a regular basis is reassuring. Yeah, this is foreign to me! Hopefully I can stick with it but I’ve never been one for schedules.

      I’ll try my best to not disappoint. And no worries! I know you’re very busy.

      I’m going into work an hour earlier today so I should have more time to catch up on posts today including your great Your Lie In April posts.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Wahaha, yeah. I did manage to post at least daily last week but it was something I was no longer used to. Having a schedule more like yours would probably be more ideal.

      Real life is real prohibitive!

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