I Ship It: 5 Non-Canon Couples That Totally Should Have Been Canon – Yuri Edition

Shipping is a messy thing. Some people will turn their noses up at the practice and the very notion. Others live for shipping and will spend an excessive amount of time on keeping track of the little moments where two girls show sexual and/or romantic attraction towards each other.

Yes, this post was inspired by pokeninja’s fun “I Ship It” post, after all! She’s an awesome blogger who writes about sooooo many things, from anime, manga, Pokemon, otoge, BL, etc. The list stretches to the horizon and beyond! So go visit her blog!

But before we get started I gotta bring up this disclaimer: please don’t lynch me if your favorite yuri couple isn’t on this list. Perhaps they’re an official, canon couple (and I’m a hipster who goes for rare pairs, FYI). Maybe I’ve yet to watch the series or I ran out of spots on the list or I simply forgot about potential candidates. The most probable reason is that this list is just my opinion, to be honest. At any rate, I really hope I don’t offend anyone with what’s supposed to be a fun list.

Alright, here goes!

Takami Chika x Watanabe You (from Love Live! Sunshine!!)

No kiss, unfortunately.

This is a pity ship. To some degree, at least.

Watanabe You got shafted hard in the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise despite being one of the most popular Aqours members in-universe and in real life. Even though she’s innately talented at almost everything, she’s stuck at the sidelines being a smug snarker and supporting Chika. Wait, maybe that’s one of the reasons why You was so rarely in the limelight – she was simply too good at everything. Hmmm.

Except for getting her best friend to notice her, that is. This is just a fantasy in You’s mind, sadly.

At any rate, Chika is actually one of the most polarizing girl in Aqours among fans (partially) due to her treatment of You and her supposed preference for Riko. Some fans simply hate how Chika has more or less ignored her loyal childhood friend for the new transfer student. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Well, the cityslicker sure started getting really, really close with a chunnibyou in the second season. Looks like a vacancy opened up in Chika’s mikan-filled brain as a result. And who else could take care of the scatterbrained Chika but the most beloved yet neglected girl, the one who’s loved Chika for many, many years? It could only be You!

you x chika.jpg

By Kanbayashi Makoto

Takami Chika has to take the lead, by the way, contrary to You’s fantasies in S1E11. It’s better that way, trust me.

Atarashi Ako x Takakmo Shizuno (From Saki Achiga-hen)

“Wear my uniform!” “Ehhh…”

Another childhood friends couple which aren’t actually canon but should totally be! Seems like I have a preferred type of ship…

Anyways, I’ve pointed out before that Shizuno is unfailingly polite with everyone around her (when it comes to verbal communication, at least. She did pick up Ako’s tendency to point at others) since she even addresses her own teammates with the “-san” honorific. But she doesn’t do that for only two individuals – Haramura Nodoka and Atarashi Ako, Shizu’s childhood friends who are the same age as Shizu.

Now, the entire plot happens because Shizuno wants to see Nodoka, yes. But Nodoka is already busy saying Miyanaga Saki’s name 20 times in a single episode while blushing. So why not pay attention to Ako, Shizu? For how long do you plan on ignoring the girl who transferred away from a better school (in terms of academics, at least) just so she can help you accomplish your fervent wish? The girl who lends you her own uniform because you were able to walk on-stage wearing nothing but your track jacket?

Their heights are totally different so it doesn’t make sense that they exchanged outfits, but it’s okay since it’s shipping material.

Wake up, Shizu. Your girlfriend came back to Achiga Girls’ Academy just for you.

I realize that I’m one of the few bloggers still talking about Saki Achiga-hen 5 years after the anime adaptation ended. But it’s my favorite anime series so cut me some slack, please?

Inubouzaki Fu x Miyoshi Karin (from Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

I’m a hipster for caring about this uncertain, unofficial ship when Yuuki Yuuna and Togou Mimori are always all over each other, I know.

But remember when Karin first joined the club and what Fuu had to say in response?

Fuu is the top, confirmed.

As the president of the Hero Club, Fuu has had little trouble telling the other girls what to do since her word is basically law (the fact that Itsuki, Yuuna, and Mimori are good girls certainly helps). But then comes along this arrogant, rebellious girl which seems to have gotten Fuu excited. I mean, she’s saying suggestive lines that wouldn’t be out of place in a racy fanfic.

And then there’s this particular line. This takes place while the Hero Club are trying to figure out how to interact with stuck-up Karin.

That’s sus, Fuu.

Don’t forget when Fuu hugs Kairn in her sleep.

Step 1: Denial.

Karin relents when Fuu mentions Itsuki’s name and showing relief that she’s all healed up in her dreams.

Step 2: Acceptance.

And then what does Yuuna come across later in the early morning?

Step 3: I ship it.

How about when Fuu says that Karin seems happy that Fuu will hang out in the Hero Club after she’s graduated? That blush says everything!


You know exactly why she’s reacting this way, Fuu. Admit it.

I’ve already said most of this in an earlier post, to be honest, but yeah.

Kon Tatsumi x Chiya (From Urara Meirochou)

The way the girls first met is straight out of a rom-com. The two girls are often staring into each other’s eyes or gently caressing or touching each other.


Case in point.

And remember when Chiya more or less proposes she’ll look after Kon if Kon has somehow lost her abilities? Just bring out the matching wedding dresses already!


It’s totally reciprocated! In my opinion!

Miki Sayaka x Sakura Kyouko (From Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Errr I don’t feel like going into details for this ship since there’s so many spoilers involved. Also because my memory is a bit spotty.

So I’m just gonna share a bunch of my favorite fanart of this particular ship. It certainly helps that Kyouko is almost always seen munching on Pocky, huh?

kyouko 1

By Akasha

By Kyuri
kyouko 3.jpg
By Isora
kyouko 4.png
By Kairakuen Umeka

Kyouko 5.jpg

By Shiu [original Pixiv source was deleted]

kyouko 7
By Kasumi
kyouko 8
By Nichika

Just see how often Pocky is shown in these pics. The Pocky Game is a big deaaaal.

Well, that’s five ships, folks. And thus this post comes to an end. I know this wasn’t the most philosophical content, but I do hope you had a fun time following along. Oh, well.

Questions, comments, and concerns are welcome as always!

18 thoughts on “I Ship It: 5 Non-Canon Couples That Totally Should Have Been Canon – Yuri Edition

  1. I was about to argue that SakuraxKyouko WAS canon until I realized I’ve had this story so deeply fabricated into my brain I can’t even tell reality from fiction anymore.

    But really, we all know it was canon. Kyouko basically confessed right before “that horrible thing” happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I personally believe it’s canon, too. But I was being more mindful of the people who contest that Madoka has any yuri. Maybe I shouldn’t be so considerate since it makes me sound wishy-washy.

      Yeah, that was basically a confession in my book, too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw love and friendship in Madoka but no yuri. Plenty of loli but no lolicon, it was much too serious.

        There are many kinds of love. The Greeks used several different words for love. They all kind of smoothly blend into each other.

        We have “Agape”, which is love for mankind and the world, God as well if you are religious.

        “Philia” is love between friends. Also covers the love between comrades at arms. Do not underestimate the power of this. It is also the love of hobbies, activities and such.

        “Storge” is love and affection between family members. It can also mean things like patriotism. (As opposed to Agape which is more akin to humanitarianism.)

        “Eros” is sexual love and romance. Without some eros involved, it is very difficult for me to call anything yuri or yaoi. Shoujo-ai or shounen-ai maybe. IRL I have seen some very intense friendships between children that involved no eros.

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  2. There’s a list I can get behind. Seen four of the five (all but Urara), and these are four fine choices (though my favorite Love Live ship is actually the also somewhat hipsterish Rin/Maki).

    The very first Yuki Yuna fanfic ever uploaded to fanfiction.net was a Fu/Karin fic, BTW, so clearly it’s not just you. I didn’t write it, but I sure did read it.

    I always thought the same thing with Shizu and Ako’s clothing swap, since Shizu is a good half-a-head shorter than Ako (so probably about 4-5 inches). It’s less of an issue on Shizu’s side, although the uniform probably wouldn’t be quite so snug on her, but w/e. OTOH, that’s clearly a magic track jacket, since there’s no way that thing should be long enough to preserve Ako’s modesty when it barely covers Shizu.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I’m glad you have my support (Rin x Maki is a great ship!!)

      Oh, really? I’m so glad I’m not alone ;__;

      Right? Ako should be thankful Shizu only accepts and wears magic track jackets. Oh, well, I dig it.


  3. Big UP for Watanabe You!

    For non-canon couples, by golly, I wish Hibike! would have stopped baiting us with Kumiko and Reina’s relationship. The novels aren’t nearly as strong with the yuri because Kumiko has a clear love interest there, but in the anime, they’re THIS close to just making out.

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  4. This list was great and I really enjoyed the images and explanation you included. I only know about two of the couples you’ve included but still had fun seeing your thoughts. But I’m with you in that Sayaka and Kyoko should definitely have been a thing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, phew, it’s a relief hearing you say that since I know I threw in some more obscure couples. I’m glad my thoughts were somewhat understandable!

      Yes, Sayaka and Kyoko coulda shoulda been a thing. YMMV, of course, since some people think the girls in Madoka are simply friends, but including caveats in all statements is simply standard protocol for an aniblogger, haha…

      Liked by 2 people

  5. What’s wrong with still talking about Saki Achiga-hen? :3
    I bet $10 people will still be talking about Rem v Emilia even after 10 years 😂
    All of these ships and images are too adorable, especially the fan arts *drool*

    Liked by 2 people

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