Monthly Update #25 | November 2018 – Fall 2018 Midseason Musings, Still Catching Up on Content, Visual Novels

I’m ready for 2018 to be over.

But for now we just have to settle with being about halfway done with November.

Fall 2018 Midseason Musings

Hopefully I get this out by today or tomorrow. I’m actually not following watching the biggest, most popular shows this season so that means this upcoming post might be more boring for some, sorry…

Catch-Up Time Continues

Same song and dance. I might…start from November since the backlog is nuts by now…? But right now I’m not sure. Please don’t resent if that’s the case. We don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything we want and I feel awful not reading and interacting with what other bloggers are writing and sharing so I might have to compromise ;___;

Yuri Visual Novels

I might not be able to get some reviews out this week, but I plan on getting back on-track playing and reviewing visual novels about gay girls soon! Even as my numbers drop because this is something that needs to be done!!

Thanks for reading! 🌸

4 thoughts on “Monthly Update #25 | November 2018 – Fall 2018 Midseason Musings, Still Catching Up on Content, Visual Novels

  1. Remy, I feel you I’ve felt awful for nearly two months now not commenting or being here. Currently right now I’m sat down on the coach going through posts now coz I said to myself TODAY YA GUNNA READ SOME DAMN BLOGGER POSTS !!! We don’t have enough time in the day to do all we want, I’ve personally learnt this big time this year. Hope you get some down time for yourself ❤️

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    1. Mmm I’ve been there before. No pressure, Lita. Setting aside some downtime for yourself is very important like you said!

      Thanks for dropping by ;___; hopefully we can find it in ourselves to get back into aniblogging earnestly.

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