Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars Episode 4 Review

Apparently this is the last episode before the series stops airing for the rest of the season. Supposedly they’re not happy with the quality of the show and will restart from episode 1 during Fall 2016. Sorry that this post is coming out so late, by the way. I’m just been so tired after work.

At any rate, the show opens with some powerless governors talking about a festival, in which Yui has to participate in the open, happening very soon. They also whine about being kept in the dark. If you ain’t in a mecha in a mecha show, you ain’t going to mecha difference! …I’m sorry.

Over at enemy HQ, Ingrid shows her soft side to Kei. Then the old man of the organization, Abel, receives a Regalia Gear from the creepy green-haired boy.


Yui’s inner circle give her a presentation about the enemy organization. Suddenly, a phone call interrupts – Old Abel was spotted at a bridge and has asked if he could see Yui. Yui declares that she must abide by his request for some reason (I’m still grasping at straws when it comes to character motivations).

The princess with the heart-stopping smile.

After they exchange greetings, Old Abel cuts to the point by asking Yui to hand Rena over. Negotiations end with Yui refusing and Old Abel wondering if Yui can handle the pressure of running a country alone. Upset, Rena starts a fight with Abel by summoning the red mecha, much to Yui’s dismay. Old Abel reluctantly obliges by summoning his Reglia Gear.

Right after Rena declares her intent to protect Yui without Yui having to do anything, Old Abel dominates the fight by spamming teleports. Sensing the fight from afar, the two part-time-worker-yet-full-time-foodie sisters ditch the cafe in order to provide back-up for Yui and Rena.

Rena starts to hyperventilates as she continues to get tossed around. After Old Abel questions their resolve once again, Rena gets really pissed only for the Best Girl duo to arrive. Yui tells everyone to stop fighting because they’re destroying the bridge. I had thought Yui was against having a fight on the bridge because people would learn she’s connected to Regalia from countless TV show cameras, but I guess she was just worried about collateral damage. Old Abel retreats.

Afterwards, the old lady in Yui’s inner circle tells Yui to reflect on what it means to be an empress. As Yui gets a steamy shower scene, Rena meets Evil Rena again, who apparently wants Yui for her own agenda.

Does this look like the face of mercy?

More tender loving care between Ingrid and Kei. Old Abel is revealed to enjoy fighting worthy opponents (Rena was definitely not in a good state, so he spared her). There’s also something freaky going out with Old Abel’s body. Either way, he promises green-haired boy a better fight in the future.


The next day is the day of the festival. Aoi, sensing Yui is rather glum, drags her outside. Meanwhile Rena has a heart-to-heart talk with the gluttonous sisters. They then ask Rena why she doesn’t let Yui help her at all during fights, which surprises Rena. Can Yui actually be allowed to do something during fights from now on?

2 concerned catgirl maids.

Yui and Rena meet by a long flight of stairs (similar to the one seen in the ED). Yui apologizes for forcing Rena into fights (which is only half-true, given that Rena, not Yui, is the one who starts most of their mecha fights). Rena apologizes for not letting Yui do anything during said fights. The episode ends with Yui asking her inner circle if she can be allowed to tell something to the people.

The next episode is titled, “Counterattack,” but who knows when we’ll get to see it. It’s been an underwhelming ride thus far, folks. Hope it gets better by Fall 2016.

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