So I have to confess

that I had meant to go through everyone’s posts and their comments last night after I whipped up two blog posts, but I fell asleep before doing so.

And then I left my phone behind when I went to work today, which meant I couldn’t utilize my usual strategy of “hiding in the bathroom stall until my legs grow numb in order to do blog things.” I’m not exactly a great employee…

(Do you know we have five Christmas trees on our floor alone? It’s like one for each department. Our company sure is a believer of holiday spirit)

Maybe I’m being a bit too self important and this post is pointless, but I just wanted to let my blogging buddies know I wasn’t being a cold-hearted jerk. It was just me being an air-headed fool.

I’ll be getting to it right now! Sorry!

30 thoughts on “So I have to confess

  1. Hahahaha for some reason, I just pictured you sitting in a bathroom stall blogging furiously (tongue out, pen propped behind your ear, beads of sweat rolling down your face) while your boss is back at the office, yelling at everyone and asking where the hell you are. And when they don’t give him a satisfactory answer, he proceeds to knock down each of the five Christmas trees in rage, causing absolute mayhem.

    Anyway, “welcome back”! 😛

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    1. That’s…probably more accurate than you’d expect haha. It’s gotten to the point that my boss is asking me when I take my morning, breaks, lunch breaks, and afternoon breaks. My sanctuary is no more.

      Thanks! c:


  2. You actually do a “bathroom-break-to-write-stuff-technique” everyday? That’s freaking amazing.

    You should cut yourself some slack too. I’m sure your fans are more than willing to wait if you happen to miss a day or two. They won’t be going anywhere. 😀

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    1. Well, I don’t actually write blog posts from scratch while I’m using the bathroom (yet), but I do catch up on other bloggers’ posts and reply to people’s comments. It’s like my morning ritual. I get to my desk, I clock in, I put my little Tupperware container of food into the comoany fridge, and then I head to the stall and get blogging for…a pretty long while.
      It’s not exactly good that I’m doing it, so I was actually fairly productive today compared to how I am usually.

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  3. Five, huh? That definitely very Christmas spirit-y.

    Don’t worry about missing out though; the posts (and posters) will wait for you to find time. No one’s gonna think you’re a cold-hearted jerk.The bathroom stalls might have missed you but I’m sure they can survive a day of diminished contact.

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    1. I have half a mind to visit each floor and count the trees. I work on the fourth floor. Maybe I’ll snap some pics.
      Thank you for the encouraging words. Bloggers like you are why I really like this community!
      I don’t know, the stalls seemed rather desolate when I visited today. Maybe they’ll cheer up by tomorrow. Then again, I should strive to be more productive at work, too, wahaha.

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  4. Unforgivable! 😛 But seriously, I don’t think it’s something to beat yourself up over. This was a really nice post by the way. c: I hope you don’t get too numb whilst blogging away as if you were a secret service agent. Per’aps it was that overflow of holiday cheer that made you forget.

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    1. ;__;
      Mmm alrighty, I’ll try not to.
      Thank you! To be honest, my legs often fall asleep when I hide away at the bathroom stall. I always have to make sure the coast is clear before I drag my dead legs to the sink so I can get frustrated at its design as I scrub away like a scrub.
      A secret service agent, huh? When I was young, I wanted to be a bodyguard or an assassin or a bounty hunter. Who knew I was living my childhood dream by blogging away in a bathroom stall?
      Perhaps! Ugh I so messed up on the Secret Santa form we were supposed to turn in. I misread gift card as post card. So for the question about which places would you like to receive gift cards for (probably to provide a simple out for presents), I put down receiving gift cards from Japan, Taiwan, Anywhere in Europe, and Anywhere in the USA is fine. Oops!
      I’m just naturally a space case when it comes to these kinds of things. ;___;

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      1. hurhurhur. The coast is clear? Scrubbing away the evidence? Definitely sounds like a career to me +_+ DREAMS CAN MANIFEST THEMSELVES IN MANY WAYS? sry i got excited

        Oh nooo. That’s okay. :c Well, at least that means you’re in for a super surprise! Or a normal one. Or a really weird one! I sent an email to the wrong address at the right site just yesterday, and def space out a lot. IT’LL BE OKAY x(


        1. Yesss the career I’ve wanted as a kid is hereee
          Nahh don’t apologize. Thanks.
          Haha we shall see. Ugh, I was going to buy a Victoria’s Secret gift card for Secret Santa today, but I woke up around 12:30 pm and I’ve spent like the last 3 hours catching up on blogs and stuff. I see your MGRP post! I can’t wait to read it after I find the time to watch the episode and share my thoughts.
          Dojikko Alane? I approve. A-airheads unite?
          IT WILL BE OKAY! 👌

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          1. Toooo popular. xD Ya it’s the very first week I didn’t just roll around all weekend instead of just watching it and posting. I’m surprised I got it out. but now my energy is spent

            Airheads unite ;___;


    1. It was an interesting one, I’ll admit!

      Haha, thank you! I was worried that people would be like, “What’s this fool doing talking about his life? He needs to talk about girls kissing other girls or else we riot!”

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      1. LOL these stories will be the historical documents of the future! How else will the people of the future know of your adventures and exploits if you don’t tell them?

        LOL sometimes we get so caught up in writing the perfect posts and creating this magical online persona, that we forget to show our readers that we are actually people on the other side of the screen 😛

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        1. Haha good point!
          Mmm that’s true. You’ve done a great job both making a spot-on posts and reminding us that you’re a person, too. You were definitely one of the people I had in mind when I wrote this post!

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          1. Really? Ya think so? Man I should really pay those interns more…jk I’m glad though, I like to keep things on my blog pretty casual and fun…

            Yesss!! Senpai was thinking about me!!

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          2. Yes, I really think so! Including tidbits about how work has made you exhausted, or how you and your boyfriend whipped up a Thanksgiving dinner (but mostly you), or how you’ve been busy with saving Alola to blog too often makes me really relate to you as a fellow blogger and fan! Well, I’m just speaking for myself. But I am pretty sure other people feel the same way!
            Yes, casual and fun is the path to peace!
            (I don’t know, those interns have to work for it. No hand-outs here!)
            Haha, I’m pretty sure you’re around my age or older. Plus there’s the fact that I’m still wet behind the ears when it comes to running a blog… I should be calling YOU senpai!

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          3. LOL I just tell it like it is… 😛 But, I’m glad to hear that you all like that stuff… heh heh heh, I’ll share more then about my master plan to put an otome game in every person’s hand before 2020… oops I mean, to increase my blog output…

            LOL I’ve only been doing this a year! I’m still learning every day… I feel like I make a ton of mistakes all of the time! But, you, you’re doing a phenomenal job! I love your blog so much!!

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          4. Keeping it real is ideal!
            Oh? What a craft master plan… Both your public and private goals sound admirable LOL
            Hey, that’s longer than me! One year is a long time to me. Nahhh you do great work.
            Thank you! I’ve still got a lot to learn, but the kind words means a lot coming from you!

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          5. It can’t be hoarded. All must enjoyyyy
            Haha you’re standing on the monopoly board because that you’re just on top of your game!
            Aw, shucks. T-thank you. I mean what I say, too, yay!

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