A List of Random Stats from The Lily Garden!

We’re talkin’ numbers today, folks! This post is about a few random stats from this humble blog and is sort of a top 5 list!

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Slice-of-life Shows Are Like Onions

There’s layers involved in these series which capture and depict daily happenings.

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Yuri Manga Batch Review #4

It’s been a while since I talked about yuri manga, sorry. I’ve been getting into my local competitive SSBM scene for the first time since I moved back home, so that occupies every other Friday. I could probably try to post yuri manga on other days, but I’m trying to keep this as an irregular feature that comes out on Fridays when I’ve had too much to drink! Enough about my life, though; onto the manga! Continue reading “Yuri Manga Batch Review #4”

Wednesday’s What About: Sailor Fuku

So I wanted to talk about sailor fuku. If you’re interested in the opinions of someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, read on!

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Oomuroke – The Greatest Yuri Mystery Ever?

I’m sure most yuri fans have heard of Yuru Yuri, an easygoing yuri manga that received several anime adaptions. However, did you know that Yuru Yuri has a spin-off called Oomuroke which features Oomuro Sakurako and her two sisters?

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