Girlish Number Episode 4 Review – “High-Spirited Chitose and Her Merry Friends”

Episode 1 of Kusure finally airs this week! How do Chitose and her fellow seiyuu feel about the show?

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, the episode opens up with the five girls preparing to go on-stage and present an early screening of episode 1 of Kusure to a live audience and stream. Chitose’s mimicking skills has caused her to become arrogant once again, but at least she is fearless. The event really needed her courage because it sucked. It really sucked. The episode wasn’t even finished so they just showed the PV instead. The trainwreck has arrived and it is not pretty at all.

“Are you guys hyped about seeing absolutely nothing new?”
“Chitose has paved the way with her brave stupidity. Let’s give them what they want.”
“This sucks.”

So the event was a disaster, but somehow the girls nailed the singing portion of the event. As a result, however, Chitose becomes even more cocky when she sees all the tweets about her cute looks.

A gratuitous picture of yours truly (and probably most bloggers).

So that covers around two-thirds of the episode. The last bit has Chi-sama, Yae, and Koto enjoy themselves at a festival before heading to Koto’s place to watch the episode. At least Chitose is actually become friends with them? Well, either that or she’s good at going through the motions. They’re quite merry!

But then they watch the actual episode. Chitose distracts herself by focusing on her twitter follower count, but even she can’t fight away the despair. Meanwhile the sleazy producer and the CEO are convinced this strategy works and are willing to invest more into this project. Oh, and the producer is pushing for there to be a live event for every episode. It’s like we already had one trainwreck, but there’s a whole line of locomotives, hot on the first train’s tails, that are going full speed without a care in the world.

This isn’t going to be pretty, but I don’t think I can look away from the impending disaster.

Next week’s episode is titled, “ちょけった千歳とぼこぼこ評価.” See you next week!

5 thoughts on “Girlish Number Episode 4 Review – “High-Spirited Chitose and Her Merry Friends”

    1. Thank you! I’m still trying to find my own writing style so your kind words are very encouraging.

      I haven’t done that before, to be honest. However, Animax Asia kind of featured two of my Flip Flappers episode reviews without any sort of prior notice. Free publicity is nice?


        1. It seems like I’m not the only one who gets surprise publicity, either, but I guess that’s how they do things.
          Thank you for the kind offer! I’ll definitely reach out to you if I do decide on accepting.

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